Chibamowa Water Sanitation and Borehole Drilling

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $3,972.97

Project Launch: 8-5-20

With CorpsAfrica Volunteer, Dorothy Mapira, the Chiondwe community will use this World Connect grant to drill a borehole in Chimbamowa Village. This water source will provide clean and safe drinking water to more than 300 people in the area, reducing cases of water borne diseases in the area. The water source will also reduce the time women spend walking to fetch water, freeing up time for them to engage in other activities. Community members will be trained in handwashing and hygiene practices as an effort to improve health standards in the community and prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


Project Update: 12-31-20

Chiondwe Community Project Committee led by Dorothy Mapira, the CorpsAfrica Established Field Partner,  used the $3,972.97 grant from World Connect to drill a 45 deep borehole  in Chibamowa Village, Mzimba District. The community satisfactorily contributed cash and kind by sourcing quarry stones, bricks and sand for the project completing the required budget. Over 1,000 people have gained access to clean and safe water,  there is reduced time spent fetching water by the community members allowing them to engage in other socio-economic activities to support their households as well as reduced cases of fighting among women. It is expected that the borehole will contribute to reduced cases of waterborne diseases in the long run.

Final Report: 2-18-21

The construction and installation of Chibamowa borehole has successfully been completed in Chiondwe village in Mzimba. Facilitated by Dorothy Mapira, a Corps Africa Volunteer, the community accessed a $3,972.97 grant from World Connect and used it to purchase materials and hire a contractor to drill and install the borehole in the village. The need for this borehole arose when the women in the community complained about the distance covered to the nearest river to fetch water which was also not clean and safe. The borehole was installed in September 2020 and since then the village has not recorded any waterborne disease and the women have acknowledged reduced distance and time to fetch water which allows them to have time for other development activities at home. 1,000 people are directly benefiting from the water source.  Water committee has been formed which oversees the water source and is responsible for collecting monthly contributions towards purchase of spare parts in a bid to sustain the borehole.