Centro de Promoción Comunitaria (CEPROCO)

Year: 2010
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $2,499.97

Project Launch:

Many mothers in Cambita, Dominican Republic struggle to maintain their households financially and for those who are single or have no other help producing income it is especially difficult. The Centro de Promocion Comunitaria project educated disadvantaged mothers from Cambita in income generation and personal finance, maintaining a healthy household, and civics. This project emerged from a group of local leaders who identified a need to provide women with the education and skills necessary to improve their lives and the lives of their families. The 20 participants did not have the means or resources to otherwise receive education in order to improve their income. The curriculum included income generation via sewing and cooking classes, personal finance classes, and health classes including nutrition and maintaining a healthy household. Besides promoting health and financial well-being, the curriculum also included a civics class that taught women about their constitutional and human rights. The women who participated agreed to educate others in the community. Thus, this program created facilitators who will spread their knowledge to other mothers and help improve the health and well-being of other families in Cambita. Participants completed two full courses on personal finance within the first month alone and discussed how to run successful micro-businesses and handle their personal finances correctly as well as a sewing class and health education classes. At the end of an eight-course money management class the women were asked to formulate a theoretical business plan for a product they could make and sell. The women tackled this project with such energy that many of them came away from it with a goal to turn their business plans into reality.

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