Year: 2017
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $229.82

Project Launch: 2-1-17

Extreme poverty is pervasive in Tchaidoni Village, Malawi. Lack of education and few economic prospects frequently lead girls into early marriages and adolsecent motherhood, limiting their later opportunities. With this backdrop, the community has sought to hold its own iteration of girls empowerment camp, Club GLOW. The club's primary purpose goal is to bring together female youth between the ages of 13-21 to create a platform on which they are free to discuss and share their experiences with regards to their social and emotional challenges and finding solutions to these challenges as a team. Through this club, a camp will be held in which different experts from various backgrounds will visit the girls and share their success stories as well providing important lessons for participating adolescents such as making sanitary pads among other activities.

Final Report: 9-11-17

50 girls participated in the camp as well as 11 members of the local mother's group. The local school headmaster also supported Camp GLOW. The girls fashioned their own reusable menstrual pads and learned about menstruation in a judgment-free environment.

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