“Bringing Hope to Children” Kazganthundulu Primary School Block Construction Project.

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $7,496.76

Project Launch: 9-5-22

Kazganthundulu Village Development Committee will use a $7,496.76 in  World Connect grant to construct a two-roomed classroom block at Kazganthundulu Full Primary School in Group Village Head Mikule, Rumphi district. The school has students from standard 1 to 8 but only 6 classes have proper classrooms. This project will help to provide a conducive learning environment for the other two classes that were learning under trees and also reduce the distance for those that traveled long distances in search of better schools. A total of 103 learners will be impacted by the project every year

Project Update: 11-16-22

Two months after funding, the Kazganthundulu community members have constructed a two-roomed school block up to the ring beam level. Led by the Village Development Committee, the community has fully participated in the project by providing sand, bricks and quarry for the construction of the school block. The project has already procured most of the construction materials for the second construction phase which will entail roofing, plastering, painting and installation of a concrete floor. One community member, Pachalo Botha is proud of the progress registered so far and says, “I can see the school block construction project will definitely change the Kazganthundulu community as learners will no longer be learning under trees, teachers will like the school and this will improve the education standards for the community.”