Brace-Up The Young (BTY School)

Year: 2024
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $8,834.21

Project Launch: 1-18-24

With $8,834.21 from World Connect the Brace-Up The Young School (BTY School) project is a transformative initiative set to establish a secondary school in Obada-Oko, aspiring to be a catalyst for opportunity and empowerment. Beyond mere classroom renovations, this endeavor aims to construct pathways leading to a brighter future for teenagers in the community. The envisioned facility includes six classrooms, a clinic, a library, a staff room, a principal's office, four toilets, an auditorium, and a mini basketball court. Poised to enroll 200 students, the BTY School represents a beacon of educational advancement, fostering a holistic environment that goes beyond traditional learning spaces to empower the youth of Obada-Oko for a promising future.