Batey Altagracia: Youth Volleyball

Year: 2014
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $848.46

Project Launch:

This project will take place in Batey Altagracia, a small community in Barahona, Dominican Republic. In this community, there are about 700 adults and 500 children with the majority being of Haitian descent. More than 200 people in the community lack their birth certificate, meaning they are unable to attend school after the eighth grade. Additionally, there is a very high pregnancy rate in adolescent girls in Batey Altagracia, with the average age of first pregnancy being fourteen.

The young people in the community lack any organized sports or organized programs in general to make constructive use their free time. This project, launched in partnership with a group of university students from Batey Altagracia, will provide equipment and support to two girls volleyball teams and one boys volleyball team. Participants will benefit from organized opportunities to develop their teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, while participating in a healthy out of school activity. The university students and the local Peace Corps Volunteer will identify exceptional leaders to hand over the project to over the course of the first six months, training these leaders in fundraising, planning tournaments, and running the teams.


Project Update

Before, the girls and boys were using deflated balls and tree branches to hold up the net. Now, they have a two-pole system that takes less than two minutes to set up. Having two nets has allowed more youth to practice at a given time. A two-day tournament was held where four teams from different communities participated in games and educational workshops focused on sexual health. The volleyball team was able to send four extra balls to four different teams located in the South of the Dominican Republic, helping to increase access to sports equipment in their country.



"This project has kept youth busy while also teaching team work, life skills and healthy living habits. I can't even begin to explain the difference that I have had seen in their behavior from the start until now." - Michelle, Peace Corps Volunteer


"This project has allowed me to get closer to other girls in my community and play the sport that I love." - Project Beneficiary 


"Us girls aren't given a lot of opportunities to play sports in our community so I thank this project for giving us that opportunity." - Project Beneficiary



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